Must Have Suit Colors

Must Have Suit Colors

Before we get into suit colors and when and where to where them, I want to state the one thing that trumps all of this…


Now let’s get into it.

This article has been written as a guide to help you build your wardrobe.  If you are starting out, we recommend staying true to the concept of Interchangeable Wardrobe. Having an interchangeable wardrobe is about keeping it simple and timeless.  An interchangeable wardrobe will help you maximize the size of your wardrobe by giving you the ability to mix and match pieces properly.


Most useful/versatile.  If you do not own a suit and are not needing a suit for a funeral right now, Navy Blue should be your first purchase.

It’s the defacto color in the United States.  It’s great for wearing and doing a great job without drawing too much attention.  If you want to go more fashion forward, you can play with the options.  However, we would suggest going with a notch lapel and two buttons if you plan to wear it often and maximize its versatility.


  • Charcoal Gray (2)

It’s second to Navy Blue in versatility.  It’ll help add a bit of age and make you look more respectable.  If you’re older or light colored, it will pull some color out of you.  It’s one of the most common colors sold.  Your lapel can either be Notch or Peak, and you can do either 2 or 3-buttons.

  • Medium Gray

Just as versatile as Charcoal.  However it is not as formal as Charcoal Gray or Navy Blue.  But there are very few occasions where that will become an issue. Great year round wear.  If you work in a conservative environment and want to stand out, Medium Gray will help.

  • Light Gray

It’s meant to be worn in the Spring and Summer.  Very casual. It’ll help break up the monotony of the darker color suits.  You can play with patterns and add texture.  Herringbone is very popular right now. Plan to wear to wear this suit without a necktie. We suggest making the pants a tad bit shorter adding a cuff and trying it without socks.  We’ve also been noticing a trend that may pique your interest, do a one-button.


Good if you have black hair or a darker complexion.  Black suits deserve a high spot because it is meant for specific occasions – Black Tie and Funeral.  It’s a very stark contrast to anything else you’re wearing.  If you need a tuxedo, Black is the definite go-to option.


Dark Brown is good if you’re a bit darker or have red hair.  You have to be careful because traditionally it is not considered formal.  But it provides a great platform for using a peak lapel.  Your shirt and tie will be important in making sure you pull off the Brown just right. Along with the peak lapel, we recommend doing 3-buttons and a vest.


It’s harder to find.  Popular in Europe and Asia, and gaining popularity in America.  Quintessential must-have for those that have style and can wear it well. It commands a certain level of attention and presence.  If you’re novice to style, you should proceed with caution. Oh yeah, go with a double-breasted jacket and vest.


Very casual.  Summer and hot weather is perfect.  As with the Light Gray suit, plan to wear it without a necktie and making the pants a tad bit shorter adding a cuff and trying it without socks.

Other Tips To Keep In Mind:

Summer Suit – Light, Breathable

Winter – Dark, Thicker

Classic Dark Suit – Navy, Charcoal, Black – Ticket Pocket, Notch Lapel

Tuxedo – everyman should have a black tuxedo – Satin on the lapel, Satin on the buttons

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