Why Wool Suits?

Why Wool Suits?

Wool is the traditional suit fabric. It can be heavy or lightweight, making it very versatile. Wool is known to be more resistant to wrinkles as compared to other fabric options. This makes it great for individuals on the constant go or for wearing suits all day. It also has the best drape of the main suiting fabric options.


Great suits are canvassed. Canvassing works best with wool.


We’re not saying Cotton, Linen, or Tweed are terrible options. But we have our reasons as to why we’ve chosen not to push these options as heavily. Cotton and Linen are lightweight casual fabrics. (Remember, you can achieve the lightweight with wool too, just saying). Linen is very breathable; making it great for hot weather. However, it wrinkles very easily. Depending on the weight, Cotton can also wrinkle easily. In addition, cotton has poor drape and doesn’t hang as well as Wool.


Both Cotton and Linen work well in lighter colors.


There is a growing trend in the interest of Tweed. We’re still playing around with it to ensure we stick to the business of helping create modern day gentlemen through streamlined clean-cut appearances.


Tweed is known as the “country suit” because it is thicker and has a rougher texture.


To be fair, we own suits in all of these fabrics. However, we all agree Wool is the way to go. And yes, we are not entertaining any conversations on Polyester, Rayon, or any blends of the sort.

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